Come test your limitations at ConBlock

Let’s get it done!

At ConBlock we bring you an exciting, more affordable alternative to your conventional personal training session. Whether looking to improve or maintain your fitness level or focus on your health and well being we are here for you!

About Us!

ConBlock is for anyone who is looking to improve their fitness level, health and well-being. At ConBlock we offer a different approach to training than your standard commercial gym. We are providing you with not only a fully functional gym but with a great session to be viewed via touchscreen monitor to go with it!

Simply book a time that suits you through our very on ConBlock app or website and have the entire gym space to yourself, with a partner or a small group of 3 and complete the desired session.

ConBlock Classes!

We offer various different forms of training at ConBlock please pick one that suits your needs and lets get it done!!

Personal training

Having a personal trainer can be very beneficial for lots of reasons. They can advise and guide you through the correct techniques and lifts, motivate, encourage and hold you accountable plus many more.

Lots of factors other than the correct technique and training play a vital role in getting the results you want. From lifestyle, sleep, nutrition, recovery, additional activity and many more. Our PTs can advise on all these aspects to help you reach your desired goals.

Meet our ConBlock PTs


Hi, I’m George. I’m 30 years old and have been a PT for the last 6 years, I love what I do and helping people achieve their goals.


Hi, I’m Alex and I’m a newly qualified personal trainer and I have a passion for helping develop people both physically and mentally.


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